Mastering session #1 – Artist: Larson

This is our first mastering session on YouTube! Thomas is in this video guiding you through the mastering of Larson’s new single “I Do My Best (No Need To Worry)”. He is sharing some techniques on mastering and we hope that you will find it interesting as well as useful. Maybe you can then get some inspiration for your own mastering.

You may notice that Thomas is mastering in the box and with headphones. As a matter of fact, we do every mastering session this way nowadays. We indeed have outstanding results using this method. Our workflow and mastering chain is the result of many years of refinement.

We have also created resources for you, if you would like to create a similar setup. You can have a look at our articles if you are interested, especially the one about mastering in headphones.

Artist: Larson (aka Lars Hägglund)

Title: I Do My Best (No Need To Worry)

Produced and mixed by Tony Naima

Mastered at Stockholm Mastering

You can listen to the single here:

And you have more music from Larson here:

💚 Sofia & Thomas

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