How to use TDR Nova for mastering

TDR Nova from Tokyo Dawn Labs is one of the best dynamic EQ:s out there. It is also completely free!

In this video we will first show you the basics of using TDR Nova. Then we will also give you a couple of tricks to use for your own mastering.

If you are interested in learning more about mastering, we have created these resources for you:

  • Audio Mastering Fundamentals – We have created the course which we would have needed ourselves when we started many years ago.
  • Our YouTube channel – See more of our videos. Like and subscribe if you like the content and want to support us!
  • Our blog posts – We also continue to write free articles about mastering for you.

If you need help with mastering your songs you are welcome to contact us at Stockholm Mastering.

💚 Sofia & Thomas

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