Mastering Workflow

Three VU meter tips for mastering

Using a VU metering plugin can sometimes be helpful when mastering, despite it being such an old and outdated way of measuring loudness. The LUFS meter is generally more useful for measuring loudness, but the VU meter can provide some basic visual information about dynamics and tonal balance. Note that all “VU meters” are not […]

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Gain staging – Build your perfect mastering chain

This is the first part in a series about building your own mastering chain. We will dive deeper into specifics about the different parts of a mastering chain, like EQs, compressors and peak limiters later. But the first and in our opinion most important step to building a great sounding, versatile and reusable mastering chain

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Multi-band compression in mastering

In this video we talk about how we use multi-band compression when we master records. We are also trying out a new format for our YouTube channel! This conversation was part of a discussion that we had a few days ago. We got inspiration from a question on Facebook about where to put a multi-band

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Dither Tutorial – Everything you need to know!

We have made a dither tutorial video since we get many questions on this subject. Dithering is one of the most fundamental yet most misunderstood concepts in digital audio. We can give you a lot of theory about how it works and why you need it. In essence though, it is actually very easy to

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What is Mid-Side processing?

Mid-Side processing, also called MS or Sum-Difference processing, is a powerful mastering method. We use some kind of MS technique daily in our work with mastering records. In this video, Thomas explains in detail how it works. We hope that you will find this interesting and that you can also use mid-side processing in your

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What is mastering? – The steps involved

Mastering is a huge subject! So how do you tackle this huge subject if you want to learn mastering? Well, it is great to get an overview! Let us first give you an introduction to mastering. The three goals of mastering Mastering has three primary goals: Number one is fairly straightforward. There are a relatively

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