Multi-band compression in mastering

In this video we talk about how we use multi-band compression when we master records. We are also trying out a new format for our YouTube channel!

This conversation was part of a discussion that we had a few days ago. We got inspiration from a question on Facebook about where to put a multi-band compressor in the mastering chain, and the reasoning why.

We actually use this technique a lot. However, we do it on specific frequency areas that need some extra help to sound good. You can dramatically shift the tonal balance with slamming on a multi-band compressor on the whole mix and activate all the bands at once. This is not the way we do it at all. With that approach to multi-band compression you will get very random and dramatic results. We rather use this tool with a lot of precision and intention.

Let us know if you like this format! Also feel free to leave a comment with suggestions about future topics.

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