What is tonal balance?

Thomas has made a video about tonal balance which is the balance of lows, mids and highs in a mix. Getting the tonal balance is important. It’s not always completely self evident what the tonal balance should be, but there are general windows of acceptance in different genres.

It gets easier to hear what the tonal balance should be with time and practice. It also gets easier to hear if some frequency area is sticking out in the mix. 

There is so much to gain from learning how to set the tonal balance. You will likely find that you will never get a 100% success rate as a mastering engineer. However, it goes up with practice. Usually when you discuss masters with other people the topic of tonal balance will come up.

One thing that is really good if you are mastering a track is to compare the master with a reference track. This could be other similar music on Spotify for example. Using reference tracks is a good way to practise setting the tonal balance.

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