Build your own multiband compressor in Reaper!

Did you know that in Reaper you can turn almost any compressor plugin into a multiband compressor? In this tutorial we’ll discuss two different ways to split the signal into lows, mids and highs and then apply any compressor of your liking to each band.

In part one we’ll look at doing this using the built-in 3-Band Splitter and Joiner plugins. This will give you a simple but effective way of processing each frequency band independently. The drawback is that the crossover filters are gentle 6 dB/oct filters with lots of overlap. In many cases this is good enough, and sometimes even preferable over sharper filters.

In the second part we’ll take this concept a step further and use some more advanced filtering and routing in order to get full control over the cross-over filters. In this way you can build a very flexible multiband compressor that can be really useful for mastering.

Part 1

Part 2

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