Limitless Tutorials – Limitless from DMG Audio

In these two tutorials we will have a look at Limitless from DMG Audio. This is without a doubt one of the best peak limiters available.

It is surely a complex plugin. Therefore, we needed to do two Limitless tutorials to cover everything that is fundamental for mastering. In the first part we walk you through the basic controls and in the second part we are going deeper into the advanced controls.

You will learn about the fundamentals such as Threshold, Ceiling, Release and Style to get a good starting sound quickly. This is the first part. After that you can dive deeper into the advanced parameters like Separation, Lookahead, Weighting and Dynamics to get access to the true magic of Limitless! We do that in the second part.

If you want to achieve loud, clean masters using Limitless – these are the videos for you! Moreover this is the limiter that we use everyday while working with mastering records.

πŸ’š Sofia & Thomas

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