Reaper for mastering: Using Take-FX

Take-FX is a powerful feature when you use Reaper for mastering! This function is certainly one of the key reasons for us making the switch to Reaper in 2009. With it you can put plugins directly on an item and it is incredibly useful for mastering. Especially if you are working completely in the box.

In this tutorial, Thomas explains how to use Take-FX, or Item-FX as it is also called, when you use Reaper for mastering.

If you are interested in learning more about mastering, we have created these resources for you:

  • Audio Mastering Fundamentals – We have created the course which we would have needed ourselves when we started many years ago.
  • Our YouTube channel – See more of our videos. Like and subscribe if you like the content and want to support us!
  • Our blog posts – We also continue to write free articles about mastering for you.

If you need help with mastering your songs you are welcome to contact us at Stockholm Mastering.

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