Ear Training

One of the things that separate great mastering engineers from the rest is their outstanding listening skills. If you are serious about mastering you really need to pay attention to this topic! It is very good for recording and mixing as well.

Below you can assess how good you are at recognizing frequencies in the context of a full mix. We have also added a package of exercises for those of you who want to train this super power.

1. Start here!

In this video there are three exercises with isolated frequencies. Can you identify them all?

2. Next step!

Test your own skill level in this video where you will identify isolated and boosted frequencies. Which is your level – basic, intermediate or advanced?

3. Ear training tips!

These are very valuable tips for getting started with frequency training. You will notice how you start listening in a certain way.

4. More exercises!

If you want to further develop this certain way of listening, we really recommend taking a few minutes each day to practice. In this package you have 16 videos containing 64 examples in total!