The Mastering Starter Pack for Reaper

Hello everyone! 

Now we have released a short video about something we have been working on lately, the Reaper mastering starter pack.  We created this for the course but realized that maybe people could use it outside of the course in their own ways. It’s free and open source.

We think it turned out great because it is very clean, nice looking and logical. Use Actions to modify your shortcuts to get the ones in your muscle memory 🙂 

The mastering course launch brought us some new people into our course. Now we have Q&As / group coaching sessions for those participants starting October. If anyone wants to join there is still room if you sign up

We get some questions about the course now since the coaching sessions are coming up. The main important part of the course is how to think about compression, limiting and EQ and some advanced techniques. We don’t go through how a compressor works for example but try to focus on information that is not easily googleable. Like our own preferences for how to use these tools and how to hear artifacts etc.

Some of the information about setup, monitoring and plugins you can also find on our YouTube channel in a slightly different form so that is mostly there because it would be really odd to not mention it.

Other than that we are always thinking of more ways to further the development in the mastering space.

Have a nice day!

💚 Sofia & Thomas

1 thought on “The Mastering Starter Pack for Reaper”

  1. Thanks for this – I’ve enjoyed using the starter pack along with the free support videos and extended part 3 video and have watched them a number of times. Lots of very useful information, and the script itself is very nice to work with. Kudos! Quick question regarding album projects: how does one list different composers on different tracks? The “composer” metadata field appears to only apply the composer information globally across all tracks. What am I missing?

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