Peek inside the mind of a mastering engineer!

…or in this case, the minds of two mastering engineers – Thomas Eberger and Sofia von Hage.

We have been mastering professionally for 20 and 14 years, and have also teached mastering for 10 years at the University of Luleå.

Now we have decided to open up our mastering training to the rest of the world as well!

In this mini-course you will learn the basics of mastering. We’ll walk you through both theory and practical examples for using EQ, compression and peak limiting.

You’ll get to know a simple but effective workflow that you can apply in virtually any DAW.

You’ll also learn what to consider when you set up your monitoring, and what plugins you need to get started mastering.

As with the learning of any specialized craft, it takes a lot of time and effort to become a good mastering engineer. But with the right information we believe that you can get there much faster than by trying to find everything out by yourself.

Learn the basics of mastering!

Learn how to approach a mix when mastering.

Learn how to use EQ, compression and limiting when mastering, and what to listen for while tweaking.

Learn how to set up your DAW for mastering, and what plugins to use.

Develop your listening skills and learn how to use reference tracks.

Get started right now!

1250 SEK

Get instant access to the complete course "How To Think Like A Mastering Engineer"

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be happy with this course and your feedback is very important for us!

If you for any reason feel that it isn’t what you expected, simply contact Thomas or Sofia within 7 days of purchasing the course and we’ll refund your entire order. No hard feelings!

Course outline

The basic course consists of 14 video lessons.

  • Monitoring for mastering
  • Setting up your DAW and what plugins to use
  • Finding reference tracks
  • EQ Basics
  • Workflow and loudness matching
  • EQ and tonal balance
  • Compression basics
  • Compression strategy #1 – Standard compression
  • Compression strategy #2 – Parallel compression
  • Limiter theory and loudness targets
  • Limiter strategies and examples
  • Hearing distortion more easily
  • Editing end exporting
  • Mastering Example 1 – Tony Naima – “Better Then”

In total, there are more than 4 hours of video lessons in this mini-course.